, Sucellus Farms, producing naturally raised livestock & eggs

Sucellus Farms

Sucellus Farms, producing naturally and humanely raised eggs and livestock in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.


All of our poultry are fed Natural Harvest non-GMO feed, and oyster shell for added calcium. They also have daily access to a large grassy yard. Their egg yolks are deep yellow to rich orange in colour and packed with flavour and nutrition. Eggs for eating are available year round on a first come, first serve basis. For those who can't stomach chicken eggs, or just want to try something different, we raise Khaki Campbell layer type ducks. Duck eggs are superior for use in cake recipes.

Fertile eggs for hatching eggs from our barnyard mix chickens and ducks are available year round (limited availability in the winter months), but fertile eggs from our pure blue/black/splash Ameraucana chickens (blue/green eggs) and Ancona chickens (white eggs) are usually available from about March to June.

Pearl Guinea fowl are used for natural tick control on our farm, and in the spring we will have limited availability for hatching eggs and chicks.

Rarely we will have adult bird or pullets available for sale, and will advertise them on our blog and Facebook page.

2016 Price List
Fertile Ancona/doz Fertile Ameraucana/doz Fertile Barnyard Chicken/doz Fertile Khaki Campbell/doz Chicken Eggs/doz Duck Eggs/doz Day Old Purebred Chicks Day Old Baryard Chicks Day Old Ducklings Brooding Fee
$20 $20 $10 $20 $5 $7 $5 $3 $6 $1/wk


Our meat rabbits are a three way cross of New Zealand white, California, and Flemish Giant rabbits, so come in a multitude of colours. The breeding rabbits are housed in roomy outdoor cages in the shade of cedar trees, and weined rabbits are raised on grass in a rabbit tractor. They are available for live sale starting at six weeks of age, but reach butcher size closer to 10 weeks of age.

We have a few Barbados Black Belly hair sheep just for fun, and a mixed breed flock of goats that we raise for meat sales. The head of our flock is our Boer buck, Thunder. He is beautiful on the outside and a real sweetheart on the inside.

Our goats and sheep are raised on pasture with run in sheds, and enjoy lots of sunshine, fresh air and all the chemical free grass and weeds they can eat. They also occasionally get a grain ration containing no animal by-products which is more of a training aid than a regular ration. Rather than the traditional salt block, they have access to ancient, pure, mineral rich Himalayan sea salt. Our grazing animals do not receive any animal by-products, growth hormones, vaccinations, or routine dosage with antibiotics. Traditional remedies are preferred if required.

Occasionally we will have goats or sheep available for live sale, and will advertise in our blog and on our Facebook page.

Sucellus Farms is a proud supporter of The Whole Food Project

A great resource for people seeking a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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